Enjoy the refreshing drink selections and wine menu at Peruvian Bistro. Our Peruvian Drinks are filled with flavor and offer a taste of what makes this rich and diverse country so great. Peru has many zones, all each with their climate and cuisine. Each region is known for their individual take on the local ingredients and how they organize them in unique ways. Whether from the jungle, seafaring regions, vineyards or other area, the plants and animals pertaining to each region contribute to the variety in flavors that can be experienced from Peruvian Cuisine.

In terms of Peruvian Drinks, we carry many options for you to choose from. From ice cold fruit blends to warm coffees featuring the coffee beans from Peru, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Having steak? Why not pair it with one of our countryside wines to balance out the flavors? If you are eating a salad, perhaps you may try a Peruvian lemonade or sangria to quench your thirst and offer a light and cool drink.

Have a sweet tooth? For some reason or another, there are times in our daily lives when we crave something sweet and fulfilling. In moments such as these come to 1111 Peruvian Bistro and view the dessert drinks section of our menu. Natural, and authentic chocolate, sugar and more are mixed into one of a kind creations that will satisfy your need for something sweet.

When you are in search of Peruvian Drinks in Miami, Florida, Brickell is home to local gem, 1111 Peruvian Bistro. Everything is made fresh daily to suit your desires. Enjoy our drink and meal options and make sure to stop by for a visit. To make a reservation, simply visit our reservations page, where you can state the number in your party, the date, and time of your arrival and ensure that you experience the amazing drink selection and food at our fine bistro.