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21 November, 2016
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21 November, 2016

Peruvian Bistro 32

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In terms of Peruvian Restaurants in Brickell, 1111 Peruvian bistro is well recognized for their continual innovation, fusion and authenticity. Fusion and authenticity in the same sentence? Why yes! our chef has traveled all around the world to further his training, studies and gain inspiration. While all of this new and interesting material is fun to create dishes with, the use of authentic Peruvian ingredients in each and every dish is what sets him apart.

Peruvian Sushi may seem like it will not be well taken by Peruvians, but in fact, with the skillful combination of Peruvian flavors presented in a new way (like sushi), locals and Peruvian natives alike are raving about the chef’s new take on Peruvian classics.


While a variety of dishes have been created that are not part of the typical, traditional Peruvian diet, using his wisdom and keen sense of taste, dishes that still remind us of the Peruvian homeland with their rich flavors and ingredients still resonate with eaters.

It is important to have an open mind when enjoying food. What may appear as a brand new food item, may in fact be an authentic recipe redesigned visually in a new way. The very opposite is just as true. A meal that looks new and cutting edge, may in fact be a traditional meal with all the same ingredients, simply packaged in a new and exciting way.

Our chefs and staff certainly hope to meet you soon. Make sure to choose us when you are in search fo the top Peruvian Restaurants in Brickell. With many years of experience in the culinary arts, and working for top name chefs around the world, 1111 Peruvian Bistro offers a new world of foods to inspire your palette.

Make sure to call us today to make your reservation or stop by our restaurant during business hours. We look forward to serving you.