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Order Corvina Ceviche at Our Peruvian Restaurant

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No trip to Peru can really be complete without taking the time to experience as much of the country’s fantastic and varied cuisine as you can. Although there are many mouthwatering Peruvian dishes that you should definitely try, one of the most beloved and most spectacular has to be Corvina ceviche. Luckily, you don’t have to fly all the way to Lima or climb to the top of Machu Picchu to enjoy it, as you can experience this and many other complex authentic Peruvian flavors in our Peruvian restaurant right here in Miami.


The History of Corvina Ceviche


For those unfamiliar with ceviche, it is a traditional South American dish that generally consists of raw fish that is marinated with a range of spices and acidic liquids—usually lemon or lime, but sometimes some other type of citrus juice. Various countries and regions throughout South America make their own version of ceviche, often using both different types of fish and different marinade ingredients.


However, most historians agree that ceviche, or at least something resembling it, originated in Peru around 2,000 years ago. Combined with influences from Spanish colonists, the dish we now know as ceviche eventually involved in the country and was spread from Lima outwards into other Spanish colonies in the region, each of which developed their own variations over time.


What is Corvina Ceviche?


In Peru, one of the most popular types of ceviche is made using Corvina, the name for a type of saltwater drum fish native to the tropical waters off the coasts of Central and South America. The fish itself is one of the reasons that this ceviche is so fantastic, as the slightly firm, mild-tasting white flesh of the Corvina lends itself perfectly to this method of preparation.


The beauty of ceviche is that the acid in the liquid begins to break down the proteins in the fish, which often gives it a texture more resembling cooked fish than sushi. However, different countries do things differently, and generally, Peruvian ceviche isn’t marinated for as long as those made in Mexico for instance.


How is Corvina Ceviche Made?


The traditional Peruvian recipe for Corvina ceviche is incredibly simple and incredibly flavorful at the same time due to the perfect balance of sour, salt and spice. Traditionally, the dish is made using chunks of fresh raw seafood, which are cured by marinating them for a few hours in fresh lime juice (or sometimes bitter orange juice) mixed with onions, chili peppers, salt, and pepper and sometimes chopped fresh cilantro.


However, nowadays you can also find a range of regional variations, as well as numerous restaurants serving more modern takes on this Peruvian classic. To complete the traditional experience, the ceviche is served with sweet potato, just as it has been in Peru for centuries.
Of course, while it may be a highlight of any visit to our restaurant, Corvina ceviche is just one of the many amazing tastes Peruvian cuisine has to offer—ensuring that every visit will be a true treat for your taste buds. Come visit our popular Peruvian Restaurant, 1111 Peruvian Bistro today to eat delectable dishes that are sure to impress.