Try The Crudo Bar Selections at Our Peruvian Restaurant

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3 July, 2017
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Try The Crudo Bar Selections at Our Peruvian Restaurant

Best Peruvian Restaurant in Miami

When it comes to food, everyone has different taste. With so many types of food, how do you know what to eat? Sure, you could do something simple, maybe something you eat all of the time to play it safe but why do that when you can try delicious Peruvian dishes at the best Peruvian restaurant in Miami. If you are unsure about trying new things, we are here to reassure you that your taste buds have nothing to fear! One of our many heavenly food choices includes our crudo bar selections! Do not be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone when you are deciding on what you want to eat! When you are hungry for something different, come to 1111 Peruvian Bistro!

What Is A Crudo Bar?

With so many different types of food, what is a crudo bar and why should you try it? Well for one, it is like nothing you have ever tasted! It’s good to explore new food options when you are hungry. Something exceptional you must try is the crudo bar at 1111 Peruvian Bistro. The word crudo originates from Italy and means “raw”. Crudo bars usually offer raw fish and seafood. If you have ever had sushi and you loved it, you will most definitely love eating at the crudo bar at our restaurant. If you have never tried raw seafood or fish and you are afraid to try raw food, we suggest you taste a little bit at a time, just to make sure you love it (which you will). Anytime you are trying something for the first time, you shouldn’t have a big order, until you have tasted the food and thoroughly enjoyed it.

What Do We Offer At Our Crudo Bar?

We offer amazing dishes at the best Peruvian restaurant in Miami! When you come into 1111 Peruvian Bistro, you will instantly be impressed. Aside from the food, the ambiance is gorgeous and extremely relaxing. If you are looking for a great date night idea, look no further. Some of the crudo bar options we offer include:

  • Conchitas a la chalaca- scallops topped with chalaca salsa, cancha, choclo, aji limo, red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice.
  • Tiradito Nikkei- sashimi style tuna in a tamarind leche de tigre, eel sauce emulsion, sesame seeds and white radish.
  • Ceviche de Puerto- corvina and octopus, fried calamari in a rocoto leche de tigre
  • Tartar Maki- Nikkei style sushi roll filled with shrimp, avocado and crispy wonton, topped with tuna tartar.

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When you are searching for new things to try or if you love crudo bars, come check out 1111 Peruvian Bistro! Our crudo bar offers the best raw fish and seafood in Miami. Whether you are looking for a place to take your date or you are just looking for amazing raw fish, come check out the best Peruvian restaurant in Miami! Call us today to make a reservation at 786-615-9633 or you can visit our website to view our full menu at