1111 Peruvian Bistro
1111 SW 1st Avenue Miami, FL 331303
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About Our Peruvian Restaurant in Miami

Born in the heart of Brickell, 1111 is a neighborhood bistro representing international Peruvian fusion.

Through exceptional care in selecting and handling fresh ingredients, and in employing our precise culinary techniques, we create surprising dishes—easy to understand, yet very distinguished in their flavors.

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Our Location

1111 Peruvian Bistro is located at the Axis building in Brickell, directly south of the financial district.

It features both an indoor dining area and an outdoor terrace with table seating and a comfortable lounge. The dining room offers a view of our open kitchen, where highly trained, professional cooks precisely execute our creations. The casual décor and modern music create a very comfortable atmosphere. The bar is part of our dining room, inviting you to enjoy wines by the glass or a cold glass of beer before sitting down to a good meal. The lounge in our terrace is also an excellent place to relax and enjoy the music while savoring some of our draft beers or selected wines. Call today to make a reservation at our Peruvian Restaurant in Miami.



Martín Monteverde

About Founder

Martin moved from Perú to Miami in 1986. Martin studied at FIU's Chaplin School of Hospitality and Restaurant Management, and started a career as a solid restaurateur with two prior restaurants in South Miami, Trattoria Sole and Mixt

With 1111 Peruvian Bistro, he aims for an informal but high-end approach to Peruvian Cuisine, focused in the balance of Peruvian tradition with the use of local products. Visit the Reservations page to reserve your table at the top Peruvian Restaurant in Miami. Visit the Reservations page to reserve your table at the top Peruvian Restaurant in Miami.

Our Menu

Our menu consists of a Peruvian variety of appetizers, entrees and delicious desserts. We recommend to order different plates either from the appetizers or entrees selections with some side dishes in the center of the table to create a flavorful sharing dining experience.

1111 proudly serves traditional Peruvian dishes like corvina ceviche, king crab and poached chicken causa, grilled octopus, veal heart and chicken liver anticuchos in homemade panka anticuchera sauce, hamachi with lemon grass gel and Vietnamese mint oil tiradito. We also offer choros sudados (steamed mussels), salt and pepper calamari jalea (fried calamari), Risotto that showcases the flavors of Peruvian parihuela with little neck clams, scallops, and prawns, and lomo saltado made with filet mignon, cut in half to show it is cooked to the perfect temperature.
For dessert, we offer a cassonade of lucuma served with nougatine of sesame and a chocolate sorbet, a classic cachanga reinvented with flavors similar to those of a piña colada, el Clásico U – Alianza (Peruvian soccer rivalry) arroz con leche served warm with cold mazamorra morada, something very special with pistachios and roasted strawberries. And lastly our delicios chocolate temperatures.

1111 SW 1st Avenue Miami
Florida 33130


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